About Warm Acre Games

Our company

Warm Acre are a small games company co-owned by Wolfrik Galland and Gav Tyler. Both started working in the wargames industry at Games Workshop and have since collaborated in such projects as The World of Warhammer and Warhammer: English Civil War. They have now self-published their own games Spy or Die Trying, Jane Austen’s Matchmaker, Hour of Glory, Bunkerstorm and No-Go-Zone as well as producing their own range of 28mm metal miniatures.

Our Team

Rich is the ideas generator and creative writer; he has worked as a games developer at Hasbro and alongside Sony Japan’s PlayStation games design team, he has also written a number of puzzle books for Carlton Publishing.

Gav is the art director, production manager and miniatures designer. The multi-talented multi-tasker also finds time to be an Army Cadet instructor and father to two miniature Cornish pirates.


"Great game - which take forward some of the concepts from Hour of Glory, but re-interprets it into a different context. Really enjoyable, hats off to Gav and Rich for this." - Alex C

"A really fun game if you play with experienced gamers who have seen old spy movies. The asymmetric gameplay allows for a wide variety of ages and skill levels to play together, and the rules do a good job of capturing the theme." - Timur Tabi