• Protocol: Locate & Consume
  • Status: Hungry
  • Weapon: Bite!
  • Spawn: Special
  • Fight: 3 Dice (see Bite)

Special Rules

  • The Shark takes its actions in the Defender’s turn after the Boss and other Minions.
  • Shark may move up to 6 squares per action but only through water squares or in submerged levels.
  • If there is another figure within 4 squares of the Shark before it starts a move, it must move towards that figure. If there is more than one figure within range, the Intruders decide which one it moves towards.
  • If the Shark’s move brings it into contact with another figure, it must stop adjacent to the figure. The Shark will attempts to bite (fight) the figure if it has an action remaining.

If a Shark ends its turn adjacent to another figure (Minion or Intruder, hidden or exposed), it will attempt to bite it.

Roll 3 dice:

1 success: the figure is wounded.
2 or more successes:  the figure is killed.

Note: Agents are not captured, they are eaten.

Whenever a figure is wounded (Intruder or Minion), the Defender must immediately spawn a Shark on one of the free spawn squares (unless all Sharks are already in play).

Kill Zones: Sharks ignore Kill Zones and do not create Kill Zones themselves (no need for reaction).

Stealth: Sharks cannot spot Intruders but can bite hidden agents.

Injury: If a Shark is stunned, wounded or killed, remove its figure immediately. Sharks do not leave corpse markers.


Cutlass’s ‘pets’ are far from house trained. They roam the bottom level of the Base but may appear in the upper levels if the level is underwater.

Sharks are controlled by the Defender but do not count as Minions, they’ll eat anyone!

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