cutlass_fileThe daughter of a Greek admiral, Cutlass’s world was turned upside down when the P.E.N dismantled Europe’s military. Her jobless father committed suicide, and was followed shortly after by her distraught mother.

Withdrawing into a world of childhood fantasy, Cutlass convinced herself that she was a princess of Atlantis. Her delusions might have proved harmless, had she not given her considerable inheritance to the S.W.O.R.D.  In return she received the Kraken, a submersible fortress, capable of consuming whole ships in its massive metal jaws.

No merchant vessel is safe in the Mediterranean while Cutlass and her Kraken are at large. More worryingly, because the Kraken has never been officially sighted, paranoid P.E.N member states are blaming one another for the disappearance of their ships.

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  • Nationality: Greek
  • Current Location: Mediterranean
  • Modus Operiandi: Piracy

Special Rules

If Cutlass successfully spots an Intruder, the Defender collects three Alarm markers rather than just one.

Cutlass moves through locked doors as if they were unlocked, without unlocking them.

She can also use the Secret Passage to move instantly from one room to another.

If Cutlass is in the Cafeteria, the Defender can spawn any type of Minion there (at the normal cost) in Phase 1 of his turn.

If Cutlass is not in play, the Defender puts 1 Alarm marker on the Monitor at the end of her turn.

Cutlass motivates her workforce by executing the nearest Minion. This counts as one of her actions and she can only execute 1 Minion per turn.

Select a Minion adjacent to Cutlass (standing or prone), remove its figure from play (no Body), then roll 1 dice and take that many minutes from the Mission Timer.