• Protocol: Defend & Repair
  • Status: Hopeless
  • Equipment:  Toolbox
  • Spawn: Generator
  • Fight: 3 Dice

Special Rules

Technicians have the ability to repair the Generator if it is sabotaged.

Roll 1 Dice: Success removes an adjacent Sabotage Marker

A Technician must be standing on (or adjacent to) an empty junction square to construct a Trap.

Roll 1 dice: if successful, place a Trap marker on the square.


The marker is placed with the green (disarmed) side face up as shown. Traps can be armed and disarmed from the Control Room.



Minions who demonstrate any technical aptitude are given a hardhat and toolbox. Technicians are responsible for ensuring that the Base’s generator is always in working order.

Technicians are neither equipped nor trained for combat but they are able play their part in defending the Base by constructing fiendish traps.

New Technicians can be brought into play from the Generator or the Cafeteria.

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