• Protocol: Research & Develop
  • Status: Harmless
  • Equipment:  PHD
  • Spawn: Infirmary
  • Fight: 2 Dice

Special Rules

The Scientist must be on a Research square in the Laboratory to perform this action.

Roll 1 dice:  If successful, turn over the top marker from the Doomsday Weapon pile and place it on the appropriate space of the Master Plan.

If this results in a complete weapon component being revealed, take 10 minutes from the Mission Timer and place the Scientist on one of the Spawn squares in the Cafeteria – he’s earned a tea break!

If this results in the entire Doomsday Weapon being uncovered, take an additional 10 minutes from the Mission Timer.


nuclear_bookScientists who don’t let ethics get in the way of research are highly sought after by the S.W.O.R.D. The Order certainly doesn’t expect its legions of illiterate Guards to achieve its goal of total global domination.

If one of these white coated maniacs is allowed to spend sufficient time in the Laboratory, they can accelerate the development of the Doomsday Weapon – which means ‘game over’ for the Peacekeepers and civilization as we know it!

New Scientists can be brought into play from the Infirmary or the Cafeteria.

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