• Protocol: Search & Destroy
  • Status: Expendable
  • Equipment:  Submachine gun
  • Spawn: Guardroom
  • Fight: 3 Dice

Special Rules

If a Guard is standing outside a room adjacent to a Door, any hidden Intruder must make a sneak roll to move within 4 squares of him.

Guards are armed with rapid firing Submachine Guns. After making a shoot roll, if at least one roll is a success, the shooter may either:

  1. Re-roll any one failed dice, or
  2. Take a second (free) shoot action at another eligible target that is no more than 4 squares away from the original.


These are the S.W.O.R.D’s first line of defence against Intruders, they are generally recruited from the underworld and lack any formal military training – but they’re fanatically loyal to the cause of global villainy.

Guards can be sent out to locate and neutralize intruders or placed in doorways of rooms that the S.W.O.R.D boss wants to protect. As sentries Guards are slightly less vulnerable to intruders who favour stealth tactics.

New Guards can be brought into play either from the Guardroom or the Cafeteria.

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