‘Claymore’ was a respected atomic physicist in his native Haiti when the dictator François ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier came to power.


After government thugs murdered his wife and family, Claymore fled to Miami and became an American citizen but was forced to turn to crime to survive. To his own amazement he rose through the ranks of the underworld like a rocket.

His intellect, natural charisma and ruthless pragmatism forged a criminal empire that stretched down the east coast and deep into Latin America.

As a crime boss he destroyed his rivals and spurned alliance proposals until the S.W.O.R.D. approached him with an irresistible offer: they would provide the facilities to restart his atomics research if he helped them to ‘liberate’ the world’s underdeveloped nations.

Claymore has an unshakable hatred of superstition, derived from Papa Doc’s use of Voodoo to terrorize Haiti into submission.

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  • Nationality: Haitian
  • Current Location: Caribbean
  • Modus Operiandi: Atomic Weapons

Special Rules

If Claymore successfully spots an Intruder, the Defender collects three Alarm markers rather than just one.

Claymore moves through locked doors as if  they were unlocked, without unlocking them.

He can also use the Secret Passage to move instantly from one room to another.

If Claymore is in the Cafeteria, the Defender can spawn any type of Minion there (at the normal cost) in Phase 1 of his turn.

If Claymore is K.O’d or fatally injured, he does not leave a Body marker behind. He may be re-spawned in the Sanctum.

Exception: If there are 10 or fewer minutes remaining on the Mission Timer, Claymore can no longer re-spawn.

If Claymore is not in play, the Defender puts 1 Alarm marker on the Monitor at the end  of his turn.

If Claymore is in the Laboratory, any Scientists make a successful research roll on a 5 or 6.