Spy or Die Trying

Enter a world of cool spies, criminal masterminds and cheesy acronyms!

Spy or Die Trying is the game of infiltration and espionage that pits secret agents against a ruthless mastermind. You have just 60 minutes to save (or enslave) the world.

As an agent of the Peace Enforcing Nations you must infiltrate a secret S.W.O.R.D base, neutralize its security and steal vital intelligence.

  • Choose specialized talents and spy gear
  • Use stealth and sabotage to outwit your enemies
  • Or eliminate them with bullets and judo chops

As a mastermind of the Secret World Order you must defend your base against P.E.N agents while your scientists complete a Doomsday Weapon. In 60 minutes the world will be yours!

  • Detect intruders with cunning surveillance
  • Mobilize your minions and set fiendish traps
  • Capture meddlesome agents and laugh at their plight